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Man 1: So you've got a hard drive full of PLR products; maybe you've created your own books and you're marketing them in niches. You have digital products. But would you be interested in a way for you to basically increase the profitably of those products? Find another outlet to sell them through, one that perhaps you are not yet targeting. Well, that's what this product is all about. This course is all about showing you another place for you to sell your products. This is a fantastic marketplace where there's an awful lot of potential for you to make some good money. Now, what are we talking about? We're talking about selling a physical book instead of a digital one. Basically you convert your PLR products or your e-books into physical books which you then sell through Amazon.
Basically Amazon will do what we call self-publishing. They have a facility called Create Space, and what this does is it allows you to give them a digital copy of a book that's laid out according to a certain template. They will then put it on their site, they will list it. And when anyone orders it, they will print a copy of it. It's print on demand.
They will print a copy of the book, bind it up and send it out to that person and there you are. It's a physical book. That's a fantastic opportunity to generate another stream of income into your business.
Now one of the big advantages to you, of having a published book is it causes it is instant credibility in your niche. Doesn't matter whether it's self published or whether it's published in a publishing house, it's instant credibility. People still associate a physical book with you being an authority in that niche.
If you do anything offline or go to any seminars or whatever, you can take your book along, wave it at people and they'll literally think you're a guru. It's an absolutely fantastic way of building authority and establishing yourself as an expert. Throughout this program we are going to show you how you can tap into the world's largest marketplace. You can come and sell your book at
Now, I'm not telling you that it's a solution to all your problems. But what I am telling you is that it is a fantastic place to sell your book and make some money. Now you might strike it lucky and get a bestseller, and make a lot of money. You may not, but there's potential there. And there's a massive. massive amount of potential.
Now you may be sitting there "Well, self publishing is difficult, you have to do this. I got to do that. I don't understand how that works". Don't panic, calm down. We're going to show you exactly what you do. Self publishing is not too difficult when you understand how the process works. The problem is that a lot of people try to publish a book without really understanding how the whole system works.

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